The state of content marketing

The state of content marketing

When we tell folks that Shift Key is a content marketing and PR agency, we still get a lot of questions about the “content marketing” part.  Loosely, content marketing is any marketing effort that shares media or publishes content — ideally “valuable, relevant and consistent” content to help companies attract and retain customers. “Content marketing” was first bounced around as a term in the late ...[Read More]

Shift Key’s Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

Shift Key's ultimate LinkedIn cheat sheet

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, and last month, we shared the first round of tips to max out its potential for your business. To unlock our full list of things you may have not known about LinkedIn — the ultimate CliffsNotes cheat sheet — keep reading! 1) GO ALL-STAR: Whereas other social media platforms may encourage the use of emoticons and slang, it should go without ...[Read More]

Optimize your LinkedIn for success

Optimize your LinkedIn for success

LinkedIn isn’t just for job hunters.   As the no. 2 social media destination where online adults are spending time*, LinkedIn is considered by many as the way to put social media to “work” — not only for your personal brand but to grow your company. Facebook is in a league of its own when it comes to the number of active daily users, but LinkedIn is the only social media site where people go ...[Read More]

Stop the ‘Internet’ presses! We mean ‘internet’

AP goes lowercase with internet

Over the weekend, the Associated Press announced some 250 additions to their 2016 AP Stylebook during the American Copy Editors Society’s national conference in Portland. Some updates are minor, and some are blowing up the Internet — well, at least in writer and editor circles online. If you have a digital subscription to, you may have already noticed some of the updates as they’ve ...[Read More]

IAITS (TIL about Internet acronyms)

Internet acronyms

If video killed the radio star, what have smart phones and texting done to the English language? Like the telephone at the turn of the century, email’s rise to popularity in the mid 1990s blurred the lines between business and personal communication. Written language started to mimic speech more closely. Email gave way to IMs (platforms like AOL Instant Messenger were among the first), which ...[Read More]

Q&A with Shift Key’s Jan Risher: ‘Writer for a Day’ to alleviate content bottlenecks

Q&A with Shift Key’s Jan Risher: ‘Writer for a Day’ to alleviate content bottlenecks

We’ve recently shared a series on how to break through organizational bottlenecks to save companies time and money. You’ve heard how Pixelbrush, a web development agency, flips traditional timelines on their head with their new Daysite service, and how Exepron makes invisible constraints or bottlenecks “visible” with their project management software. In the finale of our t ...[Read More]

Q&A with Exepron’s John Thompson: Making the invisible ‘visible’


In part two of our three-part series on how to break through organizational bottlenecks, learn how project management software can make the invisible visible — decreasing production times and saving companies money.   Q&A with John Thompson, Co-Founder & COO of Exepron, a project management software solution based on Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints Q: Tell us about your backgroun ...[Read More]

Breaking through bottlenecks: Pixelbrush


If you could save your company money, complete projects ahead of time and increase profits, where would you need to focus? Do you know where your biggest bottlenecks or pain points are occurring — and better yet, how do you fix them? According to the Project Management Institute: — Organizations waste $109 million for every $1 billion invested in projects and programs. — In 2014, only half of proj ...[Read More]

5 apps to keep New Year’s resolutions on track

pomodoro timer

The dust is just starting to settle on those well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions. Book reading lists have commenced (thanks for the lovely Amazon gift card, Secret Santa!). More parking spaces have opened up at the gym, with more to come by the end of the month. Despite our best Pinterest motivation boards, even inspirational memes have lost their glittery “New Year” luster. Resolu ...[Read More]

How to make your last name plural

how to make your last name plural holiday cards

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for sending holiday cards to friends, family and clients — and unfortunately one of the most embarrassing times to commit crimes against the misuse of apostrophes. Imagine the horror to realize — only after mailing paper cards or pressing “send” on your digital ones — that you mistakingly made your last name possessive. Since most people sign cards on behal ...[Read More]