Shift Key’s Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

Shift Key's ultimate LinkedIn cheat sheet

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, and last month, we shared the first round of tips to max out its potential for your business. To unlock our full list of things you may have not known about LinkedIn — the ultimate CliffsNotes cheat sheet — keep reading! 1) GO ALL-STAR: Whereas other social media platforms may encourage the use of emoticons and slang, it should go without ...[Read More]

Optimize your LinkedIn for success

Optimize your LinkedIn for success

LinkedIn isn’t just for job hunters.   As the no. 2 social media destination where online adults are spending time*, LinkedIn is considered by many as the way to put social media to “work” — not only for your personal brand but to grow your company. Facebook is in a league of its own when it comes to the number of active daily users, but LinkedIn is the only social media site where people go ...[Read More]

IAITS (TIL about Internet acronyms)

Internet acronyms

If video killed the radio star, what have smart phones and texting done to the English language? Like the telephone at the turn of the century, email’s rise to popularity in the mid 1990s blurred the lines between business and personal communication. Written language started to mimic speech more closely. Email gave way to IMs (platforms like AOL Instant Messenger were among the first), which ...[Read More]

5 apps to keep New Year’s resolutions on track

pomodoro timer

The dust is just starting to settle on those well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions. Book reading lists have commenced (thanks for the lovely Amazon gift card, Secret Santa!). More parking spaces have opened up at the gym, with more to come by the end of the month. Despite our best Pinterest motivation boards, even inspirational memes have lost their glittery “New Year” luster. Resolu ...[Read More]

10 “tech” tricks for photos to boost SEO, CTR

10 tech tricks for photos to boost SEO, CTR

Content containing visuals yields more user interaction across all mediums, and earlier this week we shared 12 tips from pro photographers to take better digital photographs, from an artistic perspective, on your camera or mobile device. While everyone loves a beautiful looking image, we would be remiss if we didn’t present the other side of the coin — the technical one. Here are 10 back-end ...[Read More]

Do you LOL or ‘haha’? What your e-laughter says about you

Facebook observed data for one week on wall posts and comments, and they recently shared a fascinating study about how age, gender and geography play into how we use laughter online. The data revealed that most people ages 13 to 70 are using “haha” or longer variations thereof (51 percent), followed by emojis (33.7 percent). Less common were “hehe” (13.1 percent) and “lol” at only 1.9 percent. Thi ...[Read More]

Memetastic humor in Presidential race, debate

The first 2016 U.S. Presidential debate aired last night, with 17(!) GOP hopefuls divided into two separate debates and live broadcasts. The impact of social media on the election has been fascinating to observe thus far, and its presence on the debate was no exception, with shared drinking games or bingo cards circulating earlier in the week, Fox News partnering with Facebook (its lowercase “f” l ...[Read More]

Does your (Facebook Page) content make the cut?

Does your (Facebook Page) content make the cut?

Yesterday, Facebook announced changes to its News Feed that are more significant than you might imagine, especially in the world of what we do here at Shift Key — content marketing. Read the full alert from Facebook: We’ll give you the CliffsNotes version here. If you have a lot of Facebook friends, follow a lot of pages, or belon ...[Read More]

Expand your digital footprint

Expand your digital footprint

So … carbon footprints, ecological footprints, and now you’re telling me we have to worry about a digital footprint, too? If you’re reading this, you already know more about digital footprints than you might think! What exactly is a digital footprint? And, why might it be important to expand yours? A digital footprint refers to all of the traces of a person or company online. These can ...[Read More]

Lights, Camera, Action on Social Media Day

Lights, Camera, Action on Social Media Day

If you’ve seen our recent calendar, offered as a free download in our last e-newsletter, you already know that yesterday was National Camera Day, and today, June 30, is World Social Media Day. Most of us have read or experienced first-hand that visuals — be they photos, videos, charts, infographics, cartoons or what have you — significantly increase click-through-rates and engagement with so ...[Read More]