What we’ve learned so far…

What we’ve learned so far…

Sunday is Shift Key’s two-month anniversary. We’re excited about all the content marketing work that’s come our way thus far and looking toward the future with our shades firmly in place. We’ve already learned a couple of things along the way:

A rolling stone gathers less moss. Leaving the man has forced us to re-evaluate and take some different turns. Along the way, we’ve already met fun and interesting new people, eaten in new, rather delicious, places and all-in-all broadened our perspective. Now that we’re working more directly toward our goals, there’s a synergy that’s gathering steam — and we like it.

It’s harder than it looks. Putting all the details together to get an entity up and running takes more than we expected. By this point, we’ve figured out that the vast majority of the secret to success lies in those pesky details.

New York City native Max Samis tried his hand at several jobs before launching Mister Spoils — The Essential Email for Sophisticated Men. He recently wrote a brilliant piece for Maxim that outlines the nine lessons he’s learned building his own business. We believe he’s on to something. Check it out his complete story here: http://www.maxim.com/strategy/9-things-i-learned-when-i-quit-my-job-and-started-my-own-company.

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