Stop the ‘Internet’ presses! We mean ‘internet’

AP goes lowercase with internet

Over the weekend, the Associated Press announced some 250 additions to their 2016 AP Stylebook during the American Copy Editors Society’s national conference in Portland. Some updates are minor, and some are blowing up the Internet — well, at least in writer and editor circles online. If you have a digital subscription to, you may have already noticed some of the updates as they’ve ...[Read More]

Punctuation gets political

What is it about the number of spaces after periods, or the use or omission of the Oxford comma that can send people into an all-out political brawl? Let’s not even go there with the use of apostrophes or commas. Likely, we were taught one particular way to address each of these punctuation issues in a typing or computer class as impressionable young tikes. “That’s the way itR ...[Read More]

En vs. em vs. hyphens

En vs. em vs. hyphens

I’m talking about dashes — the under-utilized cousin of parentheses and commas — and their often confused, more distant relative, the hyphen. Hyphens (-) are the easiest to type quickly on your computer or mobile keyboard. They’re just one keystroke, no shortcuts, no searching through special character menus, and therefore often over-used when a dash might actually be needed. There is a long and s ...[Read More]