Reimagining ‘content marketing’ for your brand

Reimagining ‘content marketing’ for your brand

Have you ever thought that your brand isn’t a fit for content marketing? Or when we talk about brands as publishers, maybe you have the perception that your industry is “too boring to blog” or to fit into one of the other more traditional buckets that is typically defined as content marketing?

This Entrepreneur article says companies are rethinking what content marketing could look like for their industries and brands, and the definition they’re arriving at is broader, more differentiated per brand’s audience, and subsequently yielding more success.

In the case of LinkedIn, they introduced their social media news feed called LinkedIn Today in 2011, and later acquired SlideShare and Pulse. Essentially they got into the content “sharing” business, as well as continuing to publish high-quality content. They have been touted as the no. 1 content marketer for 2014 and, according to the article, now attract the most educated and wealthy social media demographic.

And then there’s Red Bull, which has also taken an alternative spin on “content.” No surprise there, given their tagline, “beyond the ordinary.” They have their own media production company, which has gotten into the business of creating content on such a large scale (yet again, so specifically on-brand for Red Bull’s extreme sporting and adventure background) with everything from feature films to action sports documentaries, to magazines, to even a full-service record label. They have over two million magazine subscribers and four million followers on YouTube alone.

It’s fun to brainstorm and reimagine what content marketing could look like for your company or brand! Lucky for our team at Shift Key, we have writers, marketers and corporate strategic partners in many different specialty areas and would love to help walk you through the possibilities.

At Shift Key, we make communication capital. We are journalists who know how to create original content, the foundational layer of digital marketing. We understand audience and the information your audience wants – whether you are an agency, brand, company or non-profit. Content is the bedrock of digital marketing. Shift Key creates unique and informative content that feeds marketing activities across a mounting number of channels, generating buzz for brands and leads for products and services.

(Pictured is a screen shot from the music video for “Get Up,” from Red Bull Records’ artist, New Beat Fund.)

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