Stop the ‘Internet’ presses! We mean ‘internet’

AP goes lowercase with internet

Over the weekend, the Associated Press announced some 250 additions to their 2016 AP Stylebook during the American Copy Editors Society’s national conference in Portland. Some updates are minor, and some are blowing up the Internet — well, at least in writer and editor circles online. If you have a digital subscription to, you may have already noticed some of the updates as they’ve ...[Read More]

Do you LOL or ‘haha’? What your e-laughter says about you

Facebook observed data for one week on wall posts and comments, and they recently shared a fascinating study about how age, gender and geography play into how we use laughter online. The data revealed that most people ages 13 to 70 are using “haha” or longer variations thereof (51 percent), followed by emojis (33.7 percent). Less common were “hehe” (13.1 percent) and “lol” at only 1.9 percent. Thi ...[Read More]

G is for Google

G is for Google

In an announcement that might inspire you to reevaluate your own approach to things, Larry Page, Google CEO, announced Monday that there were some changes going on around here. In a letter on behalf of himself and Sergey Brin, his fellow Google cofounder, Page explained the major overhaul of the status quo at Google citing the primary reason as tendency toward complacency when companies get too co ...[Read More]