Q&A with Exepron’s John Thompson: Making the invisible ‘visible’


In part two of our three-part series on how to break through organizational bottlenecks, learn how project management software can make the invisible visible — decreasing production times and saving companies money.   Q&A with John Thompson, Co-Founder & COO of Exepron, a project management software solution based on Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints Q: Tell us about your backgroun ...[Read More]

Breaking through bottlenecks: Pixelbrush


If you could save your company money, complete projects ahead of time and increase profits, where would you need to focus? Do you know where your biggest bottlenecks or pain points are occurring — and better yet, how do you fix them? According to the Project Management Institute: — Organizations waste $109 million for every $1 billion invested in projects and programs. — In 2014, only half of proj ...[Read More]

5 apps to keep New Year’s resolutions on track

pomodoro timer

The dust is just starting to settle on those well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions. Book reading lists have commenced (thanks for the lovely Amazon gift card, Secret Santa!). More parking spaces have opened up at the gym, with more to come by the end of the month. Despite our best Pinterest motivation boards, even inspirational memes have lost their glittery “New Year” luster. Resolu ...[Read More]

Lessons I learned in India and Nepal, ‘kindness and compassion’ challenge

Coconut water vendor asleep in Indian market.

by Jan Risher Lessons I’ve learned through traveling have largely defined my adulthood. For two weeks in November, eight other ladies and I have traipsed around India and Nepal. I was reminded of old lessons I thought I had down pat — and learned new ones that I didn’t see coming. I love being in foreign places. I love that feeling of not really knowing what’s going on and working hard to connect ...[Read More]

4 keys to remembering names

4 keys to remembering names

by Jan Risher In celebration of Shift Key’s one-year anniversary earlier this month, we’d like to share some tips that have helped make us better people — these are also tips that should come in handy during the busiest time of year for social and holiday gatherings. Research says that one of our greatest fears is to forget a name mid introduction. I have experienced such shaming and agree that it ...[Read More]

How to make your last name plural

how to make your last name plural holiday cards

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for sending holiday cards to friends, family and clients — and unfortunately one of the most embarrassing times to commit crimes against the misuse of apostrophes. Imagine the horror to realize — only after mailing paper cards or pressing “send” on your digital ones — that you mistakingly made your last name possessive. Since most people sign cards on behal ...[Read More]

Content marketing in the most ‘Ironic’ of places

Alanis Morissette updated the lyrics to “Ironic” earlier this week on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” and chances are good that you have already seen the video — easily one of this week’s biggest content marketing wins. What we love about it: 1. Raise your hand if you’d heard of James Corden and his show prior to this video. No? Win for whomever in that ...[Read More]

Stacey Boyett: Building brands with writing and music

Stacey Boyett: Building brands with writing and music

What is your role at Shift Key? As Chief Content Officer, I’m usually the last person to edit and review written materials before they’re sent to the client. I also drive our internal content strategy. How did your background prepare you for this position? While working for my college newspaper, I realized I was likely a stronger editor than writer. I am all about details.  I want to know the “why ...[Read More]

25 words you may be saying incorrectly

25 words you may be saying incorrectly

“AM-blee-ance” “puhss-GEH-tee” “pee-buh-JEH-wee” These are pronunciations a toddler might use for “ambulance,” “spaghetti” and “peanut butter and jelly.” Ok, I’m talking about my toddler specifically — and yet, I know exactly what he’s referring to when he says these words. As we become more familiar with language, we learn phonics, spelling and eventually how to read — on paper and al ...[Read More]