Four ways to win at email marketing

4 ways to win at email marketing

The ROI on email marketing is 4,300 percent, according to MyEmma, a thought leader on email marketing. So, here are four ways to make the most from your email marketing investment: 1) Create emails with a sense of urgency — a deal with a deadline. 2) Pair your sales message with news folks can use — like a good cabbage salad recipe or something else that’s improved your life! 3) When someone signs ...[Read More]

Stop the ‘Internet’ presses! We mean ‘internet’

AP goes lowercase with internet

Over the weekend, the Associated Press announced some 250 additions to their 2016 AP Stylebook during the American Copy Editors Society’s national conference in Portland. Some updates are minor, and some are blowing up the Internet — well, at least in writer and editor circles online. If you have a digital subscription to, you may have already noticed some of the updates as they’ve ...[Read More]